Rabbit as Prey

A series of videos that show the rabbits as a natural weak prey animal. But, my question is: what are the consequences of such depictions? Do they help humans justify their exploitation of rabbits by showing that rabbits are natural prey? Or do they increase empathy? What are your thoughts?

A standard nature documentary depiction of the wild animal kingdom's struggle for survival. Here, rabbits are depicted rabbits as weak prey animals meant for consumption; he has no chance against of survival from the glorified and noble predator, the Golden Eagle.

Again, no rabbit could withstand the hypnotic power of the stoat.

The sport of falconry uses rabbits as bait for the raptors.

Young cheetahs learning to hunt a hare.

Another Youtube creation. Images of foxes chasing rabbits, with The Hoosier's song, Run, Rabbit, Run, playing in the backyard. Makes it seem that chasing and hunting rabbits as prey is the most natural thing there is.

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